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Anna's collection of poetry, REACHING FOR MY GNU, is published by Aaaargh! Press as a paperback and an ebook. American readers can find the ebook here.

Anna writes for the South China Morning Post magazine with her City Scope column.

Reviews for the Morning Star.

NEW INTERNATIONALIST magazine December 2012
2012 was the end of reason
Roll up, roll up for the End Of The Enlightenment Show! You there, in the best seats right up front, watch in wonder as the world as you know it comes crashing down, the pillars of civilization torn asunder by neocon Samson and his delightful assistants! The Mayans may be wrong about 2012 marking the end of the world, but it’s the end for us – and what a spectacle it’s turning out to be....
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THE GUARDIAN 22nd October 2012
Memo to the RSC: east Asians can be more than just dogs and maids
The Royal Shakespeare Company's casting for The Orphan of Zhao seems to hark back to an age of British imperialism
It's no fun being bred out of the cultural gene pool. Watching TV, theatre or film, I'm on constant alert for a glimpse of someone who looks Chinese, for the slightest resemblance to an estimated 499,999 others like me living in the UK.
Barring Gok Wan, scientist Kevin Fong and the odd TV chef, UK Chinese are virtually absent from mainstream media. So it was with a sense of "here we go again" that we learned that the esteemed Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) is mounting the classic play The Orphan of Zhao in the way prize trophies usually get mounted: gutted and stuffed.
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THE GUARDIAN 2nd August 2012
The monstering of swimmer Ye Shiwen says much about declining superpowers
Chinese Olympic athletes are people, not comic book villains. Something's going on when one nation is so singled out
It's not cricket, you know. There's something fiendishly cruel about the monstering of 16-year-old Ye Shiwen, who won a swimming gold in Saturday's 400m individual medley. First she was labelled a cheat in front of a global audience and then refused an apology when repeated drugs tests show up clean as a whistle. ...

Anna also writes for the South China Morning Post and the Morning Star.

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