Friday, 11 January 2008

How to Get Rich: Tony Blair calls in his debts

The wages of sin is money in the bank if you're a former Prime Minister.

I'm so incandescent I could light up north London after hearing the news that Blair has been given a $1 million per year job at JPMorgan, a US bank worth $1.5 trillion that has profited directly from the Iraq war. This blood money is on top of property deals, lecture circuits and book advances. Let's face it, it has never been in Blair's interest to jaw-jaw instead of war-war. Every cold destructive step he's taken has brought him and his greedy freeloading wife closer to the ranks of the super-rich whose lifestyles they so obviously covet.

I've been saying Blair's bought and paid for for ages. He's lied, toadied and brown-nosed his way to a fortune by way of war after war, and there are plenty of Daddy Warbucks out there grateful for overflowing coffers thanks to Tony.

Is it right that a British Labour Prime Minister should profit from his tenure in this way? He is set to become the richest PM in recent history.

The one thing that would get me cheering MP George Galloway to the rafters is if he did something useful like drag that grinning monster into court for war crimes.

To get Blair a $1 million per year job, it's cost the UK £10 billlion to date, over a thousand dead and injured British soldiers, and over a million dead Iraqis. Is it any wonder so many young people don't feel this is a world fit to live in?

STOP PRESS: JPMorgan has won the bid to run the new Trade Bank of Iraq, the consortium of 13 banks from 13 countries set up by the US in July which will have access to Iraqi oil and trade. Which countries benefit? Think of the governments that sent forces to aid the Allied war and that'll give you a clue.


Louisefeminista said...

"The one thing that would get me cheering MP George Galloway to the rafters is if he did something useful like drag that grinning monster into court for war crimes".

Indeed, just seeing Blair being dragged off cuffed to one of her majesty's finest off to Belmarsh...for an indefinite period.

Oh, we can only but dream......!!

Madam Miaow said...

More like a nightmare. One where being a deceitful war-mongering creep is massively rewarded. How perverse is that?

Meanwhile we're all steeling ourselves for an economic crunch. Whatta mahvellous example to be setting, dwahlink. Still, it's an ill wind that gathers no moss - just a lot of greenbacks.

Frank Partisan said...

In addition he is supposed to be involved with Middle East negotiations. That is another cushy job.

Madam Miaow said...

Yes, beyond satire. And how conveniently placed.

Unknown said...

I once read somewhere, it may have been an Upton Sinclair novel, that JP Morgan financed Mussolini's march on Rome. The bank certainly backed him in power.
Now Blair is said to fancy becoming EU President too. So watch out!

Madam Miaow said...

Hugo Boss designed nazi uniforms (big holes in the company's archives for a Certain Period, allegedly); Midlands (now HBSC) Bank running the Opium Wars ... Victoria's Secret we know about.

Which corporation can you trust nowadays?