Saturday, 27 September 2008

Madam Miaow at the St Ives Arts Festival 2008: Photos 2

Here's the second batch of photos from this year's St Ives Arts Festival.

I'll add the rest in another batch in a couple of days.

St Ives Porthmeor Beach and the Island from the Tate

Charles Shaar Murray and Buffalo Bill Smith's gig at the Kiddleywink (Kettle & Wink Bar) at the Western Hotel, Sunday 14th September 2008

Anna Chen joins Buffalo Bill Smith and Charles Shaar Murray on stage

Mo plays early women's jazz songs during the break at Charles and Bill's gig

Anna, Rachel and Bill in the Kiddleywink

Buffalo Bill Smith and Charles Shaar Murray in the Kiddleywink

Charles Shaar Murray and Buffalo Bill Smith in St Ives

Charles and Bill in St Nick's

Steve Jones gigging in the Kiddleywink

Steve Jones, the Kiddleywink

The Sloop Inn, St Ives
I can see Rod, Steve M, Pete Low, Steve and Linda J, Brenda, Charles Shaar Murray and Paul Healy

The Sloop Public Bar: Charles Shaar Murray, Buffalo Bill Smith, Martyn Barker, Rod Bullimore, Kelvin

Rod and Kelvin

Sloop Public Bar: Anna, Charles and Bill

Anna, Steve and Rod outside the Sloop


harpymarx said...

Such a good atmosphere in St Ives and I love the view from the top pic with the sea behind the houses.

Madam Miaow said...

Yes, that first pic is the great view from the cafe at the top of the Tate. You can see St Nicholas's chapel on top of the Island, one of my favourite places to think, brood and learn my lines.