Tuesday 29 June 2010

Blast Furnace And The Heatwaves reunion in Scarborough

Just returned from an idyllic long weekend in Scarborough to see the Blast Furnace and the Heatwaves reunion gig, their first for 32 years. Or, as they call it, their 'reignition' gig

It was a magical few days. The lads had been scattered across the globe as far away as Sydney, Australia, but they gathered for an emotional get-together in a perfect setting by the seaside. It was Charles Shaar Murray's (AKA Blast Furnace) birthday, the sun even shone for us, and I won a fearsome battle with a dodgy oyster.

Kevin Allen (bassist) organised everything — thank heavens for Skype — and he and his missus, Angie, were warm hosts. They laid on a surprise birthday party for Charles after the gig, where he discovered he's been bought a hookah for his big day. Cue many jokes about band excess.

Charles Shaar Murray, Blast Furnace and the Heatwaves
The cast:
Andy Eastwood as Blitz Krieg (guitar, backing vocals)
Kevin Allen as Dee Bass (bass)
Nigel Elliott as Tom Tom (drums)
Skid Stuart (harmonica) as himself.

Marc "The Exorcist" Jefferies, who plays with The Plague and Crosstown Lightnin', drove the desk helped by the lovely Jan. Andy Higgins took the video above.

Anna Chen with Andy, Kevin, Charles and Skid of Blast Furnace and the Heatwaves

The support band were an awesome group of local teenagers including Kevin's son Jordan Allen on guitar, playing a set featuring material from, among others, Jimi Hendrix. It climaxed in the most amazing extended version of The Surfaris' Wipe-Out with thirteen-year-old drummer Miles giving a bravura performance which I videoed and shall be posting shortly.


Seabiscuit said...

32 Years? I definitely saw the mighty Blast at warwick university in 1980 or '81.While the year eludes me I definitely remember badgering Blast after the gig, firing student-obsessive questions about Robert Johnson whilst poncing his last remaining Marlboros; and very graceful and informative he was too, when he could easily ( and probably rightly) told me to sling my hook; for which please pass on my belated apologies.
C S Murray's engaged writngs at the NME in the 70s contributed heavily to a change in my consciousness and subsequently my life ( I've had a fair crack at being a musician over the years), so for that, please pass on my heartfelt thanks - Bring Back Blast!!!

Seabiscuit said...

Coincidentally (or serendipitously), Blast Furnces of the old industrial kind cropped up in an article I've just found reviewing the film 'West Of The Tracks', about the decline of Chinese heavy industry:

Scroll down to the bit entitled 'Future Ruins'