Tuesday 24 August 2010

Wikileaks Assange sex smear: no condom or not taking no for an answer?

Al Jazeera grills the Swedish prosecutor over the defamation of Julian Assange
"I'm not bovvered." The Swedish prosecution puts up an appallingly weak defence in the above Al Jazeera interview. Has to be seen to be believed.

More about the dropped sex charge against Julian Assange raising suspicion that this is the US authorities pursuing their vendetta through dirty tricks.

Consensual sex may have taken a turn when Assange neglected to use a condom. Amid subsequent health checks and accusations, Assange was never asked for his side of the story.

At the moment, I'm hoping this intelligent and socially-aware man did not coerce his partners into having unprotected sex — which is a far cry from rape but a violation nevertheless. I'm waiting to see if he emerges as yet one more progressive figure who can't apply his high principles to his personal life, with the likes of whom I have found the left to be littered. Certainly, the timing is most convenient for the Pentagon. Julian, I am willing you to come through this with your reputation intact, because I can't imagine someone in your position being so stupid as to do what these women have claimed. And we need people like you.

In Nick Davies's report, Assange says, "I never, neither in Sweden nor in any other country, had sex with someone in a way that is not built on total consent from both sides." On the other hand, one of the two women says he "has a twisted attitude to women and a problem with taking 'no' for an answer." I do question, though, why these women who purport to be supporters and who freely entered into sexual contact with him exactly at a time when he is a hunted man, are wreaking maximum destruction. It's not as if he has a track-record in these matters. Prosecutors are due to decide today on their immediate course of action.

However it turns out, damage has been done to the man who has done more than most to expose the hypocritical murderous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Cui bono?

UPDATE: NYT report here. If it does transpire that Assange was merely a two-timing creep who got caught out by his lovers, then the women are not only guilty of trivialising serious misogyny and are no sistahs in any definition of mine, but they have discredited a courageous organisation which is trying to halt mass murder.

UPDATE: From Craig Murray, no stranger to the sex smear himself.

The women's story.

Anna Ardin:alleged links with CIA here and here.

No condom, no freedom? China should offer political asylum to Assange.

Even better, China should nominate Assange for Nobel Peace Prize.


Anonymous said...

Loved the bit in the clip where the spokesperson in answer to the question 'Was he set up because of the work he does?' says, 'I've no idea.'

Nevin said...

This interview is totally comical.... Who are they kidding???

Unknown said...

Discredited Assange? Hardly! Rape allegations do not warrant being made Interpol's #1 most-wanted person. This is clearly being done for political ends, and it constitutes an abuse of power, once again proving Assange's assertions that the United States and other Western powers are tyrannical, deceitful, and without morals.