Friday, 28 October 2011

Omar Sharif not so suave: slaps woman fan

Okay, Omar Sharif is now on my shit-list. Yup, there's a man with charm who knows how to treat a woman.

Although she just stands there grinning like an idiot after being slapped by the grizzled movie star, it looks as if she was probably in shock and too embarrassed to respond. Or hard-wired to take it.

Such a small man.


Biluś said...

what an awful prick - that poor girl

Madam Miaow said...

I'd love to know what was actually being said.

Anonymous said...

The woman journalist, Aisha Al Douri, is going to sue him. She wasn't a fan, apparently, but was there in the capacity of a journalist. She kept on smiling as "to prevent myself from crying…". And the management of the festival apparently asked the woman to sign a statement saying Sharif didn't slap her. Scumbags! Bloody obvious he slapped and he's blaming his "health and age". No bloody excuse for hitting a woman!

Madam Miaow said...

Thanks for that, Harpy. So it's even worse. What was wrong with him? What on earth made him think that hitting someone — especially a woman — was OK? Some are claiming he never made contact her but you hear it and you see her hair fly up.

reigs said...

What an asshole! ...and a bit of a psycho too - The way he just turns on her and then tries to back pedal later when he realises.