Thursday, 7 August 2008

Madam Miaow in the media: Guardian and BBC R2

Phew! A busy day today. My piece on Martin Bashir's strange outburst at a journalists' event in Chicago is in The Guardian's G2 section.

And I spoke on BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show at 1.10pm about the Beijing Olympics. Available online for seven days.


harpymarx said...

And you were great comrade....

I meant to say the dish your friend Denise had prepared looked lovely (and this coming from a vegetarian!!)

splinteredsunrise said...

Nice little jab... I mean, what an idiot. Did the guy not look at his audience?

Madam Miaow said...

Hi Harpy and Splinty,

Thanks v much. Denise's paella was indeed mouthwatering — and tons of it. Plus she made one of her wonderful tiramisu puddings. Yum! OK, standing in a pool of drool just thinking about it.

Splinty, that was the problem — he looked at the audience and decided his words would meet with approval and the tinkling laughter of little Asian people all queuing up to give him a massage ... or sumthin!. Who knows what went on in his mind?


rustbeltradical said...


What a tool. He replaced Ted Kopple on Nightline (which passes for high journalism here). Kopple always took himself too seriously, Bashir takes Paris Hilton (too?) seriously.

Yet another case of a British accent being employed here as mark of sophistication. Even local news outlets in the states are lining up to hire talentless British communications majors. I blame Simon Cowell and American Idol and that woman from the Weakest Link.

Madam Miaow said...

Oh lord, Rustbelt. Is Ann Robinson big in America? Ever had the feeling you woke up in the wrong dimension?

I wonder when our Amurkin cousins will cop to the fact that even the biggest plonkers can come with British accents. Make the most of it, fellow Brits, before they find us out.

rustbeltradical said...

Ann Robinson is/was popular here. I think she was one of the first "Brits with brains" motif on TV. The glasses helped too.

Bashir apparently got the "hard news" job on Nightline by virtue of an interview he did with Michael Jackson.

Brtis get to play elitist baddies too. Since the states are loathe to admit we even have class here we have to have substitutes less we begin to think in class terms.

Since Brits apparently speak English they are kind of like us, but better read.

Both Madonna and Gwenyth Paltrow have donned English accents; pissing off the rubes over here.