Saturday, 23 August 2008

Madam Miaow stand-up: Everyone hates the Chinese

Anna Chen's second stand-up gig this year. At the Lion's Den in London, 15th August 2008.

On the same theme of "Everyone hates the Chinese", don't forget I'm on The Stephen Nolan Show, BBC Radio 5Live debate, tonight.
11.20PM, SATURDAY 23rd August

The subject this time is how have the Chinese Olympics changed people's views on China? For better or worse? And how?

Hosted by Tony Livesey, sitting in for Stephen Nolan.

You can email, phone or text during the show.
Phone: 0500 909 693
Text: 85058
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You can listen online for seven days


Arrived prepped and revved to find a no show from Tory Boy Edward McMillan-Scott. Hah! Instead, I was up against Ian Thom of the Free Tibet campaign, one of the two British protesters who were deported.

To listen to the show for seven days online, click here

Then click on "Listen again — Saturday" and slide up to 1hr and 43 mins.

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Anonymous said...

Very good Anna. Shame I couldn't make it but I will come and see you on the 27th.