Sunday 8 February 2009

The Delta Blues: MC5 guru John Sinclair jams with Charles Shaar Murray

John Sinclair

A collectors' item and UK exclusive at Madam Miaow's. Author, journalist and one-time New Musical Express gunslinger Charles Shaar Murray on blues guitar gets down and dirty with legendary John Sinclair, beat poet and former manager of the MC5.

John is performing his poem, The Delta Blues. CSM is playing an old Hofner arch-top wood-bodied acoustic tuned to open G.

Recorded January 2009 in north London for John's radio show. Only up for seven days so download now.

John will soon be performing again in the UK. Check John's blog for dates.

Charles Shaar Murray

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DAVE BONES said...

A South African friend of mine runs a blues Jam up your way in Kilburn. I should head up north and meet you there sometime? I don't know blues really but I would imagine it is right up Charlie's street.

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