Monday 1 June 2009

Dalai Lama the Teenager: it's so unfair!

Pity the poor Dalai Lama. For twenty years his followers have been grooming his chosen reincarnation of a spiritual leader and treating him like a god ever since they found him as a three-year old in Granada. And what does the little ingrate go and do? He discovers girls 'n' football and now won't sport a shaven head as a mark of his holiness, but wears it long like like his peers instead.

"They took me away from my family and stuck me in a medieval situation in which I suffered a great deal," said Osel Hita Torres.

They also made him live next to Richard Gere. Ker-rist! Can he sue?

Anyhow, good to know that all the Chinese have to do with the next one is swamp him with Playstations and telly and that's Tibet sorted.


Anonymous said...

LOL! That's karma for you.

Robert said...

who can blame him, girls keep you warm in a cold winter, and they can be exciting when they cook clean and wash your feet. joking.

DAVE BONES said...

A friend of mine was partying with him in Goa when all the party scene was kicking off. Just a normal guy apparently

DAVE BONES said...

Reading the story again I don't think it was that llama it was the llama from Seattle. Too many Llamas running around