Saturday 30 May 2009

Anna May Wong Must Die! rap video from the Roxy

Anna Chen performs Anna May Wong Must Die! rap at the Roxy Bar & Screen, London, 26th May 2009, from an extract of her show as part of an Anna May Wong themed evening which included a screening of Piccadilly.

Anna May Wong Must Die! is a multimedia personal journey through the life and crimes of the Hollywood screen legend, a development of Anna Chen's recent programme for BBC Radio 4, Celestial Star of Piccadilly, broadcast 13th January 2009.

UPDATE: Well, that was loads of fun. The Roxy is an amazing little venue tucked away in south London, all velvet plush, mismatched chairs and extremely comfy leather sofas, reminiscent of old jazz clubs and torch singers. Everything worked. Not one lost sound file or missing image. The audience was perfect; warm and friendly and they laughed at all my gags. We all found Anna May Wong to be a fascinating subject. It's a mystery how she could have disappeared all these years.

Next job is to line up a string of gigs. Unfortunately, I've missed the big festivals this year but I'll be doing one-offs and 2010 looks promising.

Music and lyrics by Anna Chen

Thanks to Jasper Sharp, Michelle Thomas and Charles Shaar Murray.

Special thanks to the Anna May Wong Society for use of their images.

Harpy's been quick off the mark and has reviewed it here


Mrs. M. said...

That was totally your Joyce Johnson moment. i love it.

Madam Miaow said...

Aw, thanks, Mrs M. Had to google JJ but, yeah, she looks cool.

Frank Partisan said...

I put up on my blog, one of your posts. Thank you for giving me permission. I'm sure the discussion will be interesting.

Really good video.

Madam Miaow said...

Thanks, Renegade. Looking forward to seeing what your readers make of the subject.

Mr. Divine said...

I quite like the rape.. have you thought of making it more of a song and adding more music and instruments like cymbals in there?
Glad your power point pressy was sorted and went down well.

Mr. Divine said...

Oh did I make a spelling mistakee!

Mr. Divine said...

I should say sorry abut about the spelling mistake. Some things aren't funny.

Madam Miaow said...

Glad you realise that, Mr Divine.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic MM.... I do love that rap..

Good luck with bookings you really deserve to get them as your presentation incorporates, personal experiences/politics and music.

Madam Miaow said...

Thanks, Harpy. I really enjoyed performing it (especially as I no longer have to read it off a sheet of A4!).

Still writing new material for the show.