Monday 7 December 2009

Madam Miaow on BBC World Service TV: China and Copenhagen Opening Day

Anna Chen in the studio for the BBC World Service "World Have Your Say" programme on the first day of the Copenhagen climate conference, Monday 7th December 2009.

Posted at YouTube in three parts.

World Have Your Say: Part 1

World Have Your Say: Part 2

World Have Your Say: Part 3

Read Madam Miaow on China, Copenhagen and climate change

UPDATE: Anna Chen on BBC World TV on the final day of the Copenhagen summit


harpymarx said...

I have advertised your post and youtube links on my blog. Well done MM.

There just seems to be a leisurely approach by the western leaders re climate change. The global ruling class make plans re reducing greenhouse emissions while the ecology burns. There has to be drastic action over climate change and means making fundamental changes. It does mean need as opposed to greed.

The habitat of the polar bears is melting and 'dead zones' in the ocean are on the increase. It is scary.

And NL was elected in the same year as Kyoto but they have done little around climate change tho' Ed M. is very pleased with himself about investment in green jobs (and what about Vestas...Ed?!!) and insulating new homes. But what does it mean in the scheme of things? Too little too late if you listen to the scientists.

Something has to dramatically give.....

VenerableSage said...

Never mind all that -- dwarling, your hair was FAAAAAAABULOUS!

DAVE BONES said...

Nice one babes you are a rock star!