Saturday 12 December 2009

Tiger Woods' nipples banned in Britain

In yet another assault on our freedom of speech, fame-hound Justice David Eady has banned the publication of "any naked part" of Tiger Woods anatomy.

This is the same judge who granted Trafigura a super-injunction not only banning information about the polluting corporation dumping poisonous waste, but also banning information about the existence of the injunction.

Up until this point I sympathised with Tiger Woods as it looks like he has a problem that requires TLC, not being traduced by the press. But his recourse to some of the most draconian laws in the world is pathetic and ineffective, especially as the US media can do what they want with his pix.

So here for your delectation is a picture of Tiger's face and torso including (shudder) a brace of nipples which might or might not have taken a pounding from all his "admirers". If they exist. Allegedly.

Hat tip, the wonderful Craig Murray


Anonymous said...

Good post, shocking story.

New libel reform coalition has just been created for anyone who's interested:

Mrs. M. said...

Can we also put a ban on his face, name and any and all associates of his as well? Idk if it's as bad over there in England, but here in the states it's Tiger overdose. I'm so sick of him and his clown car of whores that just keep coming and coming and coming and coming.
As far as banning his nipples though, talk about screwed up priorities. There are so many other problems to worry about that i find it absurd that anyone is offended by some dude's nipples.

Anonymous said...

I really don't give a crap about Tiger Woods either way, although I've thought Dave Zirin was always very insightful on him.

But it's hard not to see a little envy on the part of the journos and editors. It is, is it not, the great bourgeois male fantasy to marry the nice girl and have a sleazy girl on the side. Or even a dozen sleazy girls, one in each town. The stench of competitive testosterone is overwhelming.

Madam Miaow said...

Hi Ollie, I've been getting a load of hits from Thanks if that was via you. The libel laws are insane. I mean, why?

Mrs M, I love your "clown car of whores"!!! I'm just being satirical re Tiger's nipples — the fact that the judge has ruled no-one can publish any naked part of him is stoopid. So everyone who uses a pic of his face is breaking the law? It's nuts!

Madam Miaow said...

"It is, is it not, the great bourgeois male fantasy to marry the nice girl and have a sleazy girl on the side. "

Splinty, now if only I'd known that years ago ...

DAVE BONES said...

That is bourgeois? How is that bourgeois? Surely that is "sailors" going back to when someone stuck two bits of wood together and went elsewhere via water. People have funny ideas. I can't imagine why anyone would have sympathy for Tiger Woods. He is fine. He has a billion pounds no? Big houses everywhere.. He is doing just great no?