Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Fascists complain about fascism: doh!

A quickie.

The (fascist) British National Party (BNP) membership list has just been published on the internet by someone with a grudge and employers are scouring it fast. I just saw a member of the BNP complaining on BBC1 news ... wait for it ... that we're living in ... a FASCIST STATE!

Result, mate!

STOP PRESS: An eagle-eye writes in her journal:
I perused Excalibur, which is the BNP's online shop. ...
And lo! A lot of the stuff they sell, especially the Celtic things, is not just like the stuff we sell - it *is* the stuff we sell.
It's made in China.


claude said...

And they're now talking about the Human Rights act too.Next they'll be caught looking for a NON-BRITISH spouse online :-)

Madam Miaow said...

Or get Polish builders to mend the roof, install the new kitchen, replace their rotten windows.

In my dreams some of them will extend the use of the HR Act (that's priceless, Claude) to a realisation that cooperation is so much nicer than competition. And, yes, we could all love each other and live in harmony where things are produced based on need not greed, and everyone has enough to eat ...

Like I said, in my dreams. :-(

ModernityBlog said...

this is so funny, a real blow to the BNP

what a a laugh!