Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Weblog Awards 2008 voting opens: Best Culture Blog Finalist

The 2008 Weblog AwardsClick on the logo and vote for Madam Miaow

The Weblog Awards opens at last and Best Culture Blog Finalists are off like hares out of a trap.

I’m surprised by how excited I am about this. Thanks to everyone who’s voted so far, I’m not last :-)

In fact, thus far, I’m a repectable third out of ten. ... EEK! They're catching up. Three of us neck and neck for third place.

You can vote every day in each category for the next eight days(closes 13th January). I’m feeling like Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris, complete with butterfly ballots and hanging chads.

Vote early, vote often! Vote Madam Miaow!

Please also vote for Slacker Chic as Best Fashion Blog. She writes some of the funniest rants in the blogosphere and entertains me hugely in moments of boredom or when I have something important to do and I'm trying to put it off.

Vote for Neil Clark against some horrible right-wingers in the Best UK Blog category.


DAVE BONES said...

Sondrak is a culture blog? Eh? Culture? Who decided that? And who are those "best British" blogs? I am obviously out of the loop. Did I miss a meeting?

Renegade Eye said...

I voted for U.

Madam Miaow said...

Thanks, Renegade. Appreciated.

Dave, I just dunno ...

Oops! I seem to have lost ground overnight. Conservative blogs are racing ahead.

Mrs. M. said...

I voted. I don't know if it takes a while to show up, but it still hasn't shown up. Likewise, others who have voted for me say their vote didn't go through. Maybe it takes a while?

Madam Miaow said...

No, Mrs M, they should show up immediately. Get onto Kevin the organiser.

claude said...

Voted for you MM!
C'mon, you can do it...!

Mrs. M. said...

I totally took your advice and went straight to the source. I also checked on MMS and you are doing so well! I'm so proud of you. Fly baby bird! You have wings!
Or something else super cheesy like that.

Neil Clark said...

Good luck! I have voted for you and will put an appeal up on my blog shortly.

All best wishes,