Saturday 23 October 2010

Dr Patrick Nolan defends bankers: Orwell Prize launch

I offer in evidence of the depraved mindset of the managerial class imposing the Tory cuts this video from the Orwell Prize launch debate (Thursday 21st Oct 2011) on Poverty and the Spending Review.

The charmless Dr Patrick Nolan argues that the bankers are innocent while the plebs who sneak smokes back across the channel and small businesses who work the system are to blame.

Tumbrils. Now.

More on Dr Patrick Nolan here

Video 3 of Nolan's original speech here.

Harpy Marx's comments from the floor, followed by Penny Red, in video 8 here


biginabox said...

You remember 'Policy-based evidence-making'? It's as old as the Ancient egyptians:
For the ancient Egyptians, the act of simply writing something down formally, or painting it, was a way of making it true. As a result, there are no images or passages in The Book of the Dead that describe anything unpleasant happening. Setting it down would have made it part of the plan. There was, however, always a heavy emphasis on dropping the names of relevant gods at key points along the journey."
Tut-en-Cameron isn't quite as modern as he likes to think. In fact, he's positively pre-scientific.

David Hillman said...

Cor who is that woman who asks "Are the poor different than us?" Who are us. I read when I was young that Tony crossland rediscovered poverty for the Labour party and I thought, o yea and Columbus, I suppose, discovered Amarica.