Wednesday 20 October 2010

Ken Loach & Michael Heseltine debate Tory cuts on Newsnight

Ken Loach pwns Michael Heseltine over Tory lies on cuts.

I'm listening to BBC Radio 4's Today programme right now, horrified that the consensus that those at the bottom of society have to pick up the deficit bill goes almost entirely unchallenged. It's as if we've forgotten the bankers until someone like Loach speaks up.

And, no, a mild-mannered Mark Steel right at the end of the programme is no counter-balance for the skewing of facts by Nick Robinson, Robert Peston, John Humphries, "Sir" John Tusa, et al.

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DAVE BONES said...

Excellent video thanks for posting. This sort of thing always points me back to the seemingly unanswerable question- so what do we do about it?

Then things go misty as usual.