Thursday 23 August 2012

REACHING FOR MY GNU: coming soon

Aaaargh! Press will be publishing Reaching for my Gnu, Anna Chen's collection of poetry, for kindle and in good old-fashioned analogue hard copy very soon.


"THE POEMS IN THIS COLLECTION are graceful, muscular, playful, rich in both emotional depth and intellectual rigour; brimful of righteous anger and piercing wit; intent on revitalising both the truism that 'the political is personal' and its obverse - that the personal is political - by gleefully annihilating any notional barriers remaining between the two, or between the general and the particular.

"If you're reading this and you've never seen Anna Chen perform, you're in for a treat now and and an even bigger one when you see her live. If, on the other hand, you bought this because you've just seen her read ... you'll be picking out some new favourites and hoping she does 'em next time you see her. Enjoy. I already have."
Charles Shaar Murray

Funny, often hilarious.

"Brilliant and dangerous"
Mick Farren

Greg Palast

"Cutting edge"
Stewart Lee


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