Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The most colourful place on Earth: eye-popping Danxia rock formations

Bwa-ha-ha! We laugh at your puny landscapes. THIS is what I call landscape.

No, it's not a painting, no, you're not on drugs (well, maybe you are, but that's not the cause of this particular retinal explosion). It's a world apparently made of bubble gum and sherbet, and it is in south-west China at Zhangye Danxia.

You think that's good? You should see the rest of the pix here.

(Thanks to Raven Garcia without whom I'd never have known this existed.)


Rob Schackne said...

Forgive my skepticism -- and I didn't get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning -- but I reckon probably only a third of these beautiful photos is NOT photoshopped. Colour (alas) is one of the first things that leach out in geomorphology. Something to do with water and light and ageing. Much like human beings I suppose. I'd love to proven wrong though. I'm just saying. I'll get back in my box now. Cheers.

Madam Miaow said...

Just found thie video. Not as brightly colourful but still pretty stunning.

Rob Schackne said...

Thank you. Ha. SW China is indeed beautiful. This is a veritable miracle of Nature. But I should have known: "The mountains like nowhere else on the world", as promoted by the CCP tourism industry, would have seen many involved in producing such a colourful video.