Sunday 3 January 2010

Final Destination: Harpy and Madam Miaow at London's Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park

Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland at sunset

Strapped in and ready to go (pic by Louise)

Madam Miaow and Harpy under the Roller Coaster

It's just poor luck that both Harpy and I watched Final Destination 3 the night before our fun outing to the AMAZING!!! fairground from Germany in Hyde Park over the Christmas and New Year. Wiping out a group of young people with an array of imaginative set pieces in a funfair setting, those images were lurking not too far beneath my frolicsome demeanour. Oh, all the things that could go wrong. Thankfully, this wasn't likely to happen here: the kit's from Germany. Talk about heavy industry. These machines were SOLID! (Apart from the Roller Coaster which got stuck.)

We enjoyed various rides but I was the only one of our party to risk life, limb and upchucked breakfast on the Power Tower: a 66 metre vertical drop that takes you to zero gravity over and over. Muttering, "Final Destination" as an homage to the movie and hopefully appeasing any bad spirit that might have hopped out of the telly and followed us here, I took them on with gusto. Unless it's dropping me out of the sky or turning me upside down it ain't a proper ride.

If you like bratwurst, pancakes and pretzels, this is heaven. Sadly, I don't and I yearned for a spring roll. But then I do whatever the season.

The sky was clear, the light was perfect. And I didn't even notice the cold.

I hope to have video clips up soon.

More great pix at Harpy's

Madam Miaow among her people

Video posted here


Madam Miaow said...

"Say hello to Harpy. For some unknown reason she's banned me."

Not unknown, Mr D — you were rude to her. I'd try apologising and being nice if I were you.

Hope your toilet stuffing went well.

Madam Miaow said...

Mr D, I'm deleting your comment because you're being rude again to her. Try again but play nice.

Mr. Divine said...

I can't get through to HarpyMarx. To tell the truth I really can't remember being rude but I'm so sure it wasn't meant. It was just me being pathetic as is my mental condition.

If you could pass on my sincere apologies to Harpy I'll be very grateful. You have the gift of a gab Madam Miaow and you understand I can be 'misunderstood'.

Yes the toilet stuff did go .. bloody cold by the time we left though.