Friday, 12 February 2010

SWP implosion: alpha female goes crazy ape bonkers

I was going to write about the implosion of everyone's favourite left cult, the SWP. But then I thought, nah! Fuckit! Let's just watch baboons shagging.

More on the exciting goings on in the British left here at SU and at Splintered Sunrise

Cassandra Miaow wrote this


@ctors Business said...

Hey MM love the post - turned what looks like a grey day into a fun start!
Still wanna read your SWP post though! I'll now have a smile on my face.

Frank Partisan said...

Marx has writings about the split in the First Int'l between him and Bakunin, that is interesting.

The SWP split, is over my head. I don't get the politics?

Madam Miaow said...

Glad it gave you a laugh, Gwei Mui. :-)

Ren, I warned about the issues at an early stage in 2003.
They were allowed to indulge in a whole raft of destructive behaviour which should have no place in the left and now the chickens are coming home to roost. Or baboons. Or sumthin'.

VenerableSage said...

As ever, Madam M, you have provided the most cogent and perceptive summary of this distressing situation available anywhere on TeH iNterWeBz.


Anonymous said...

Great one MM!!


Now I wish I had put up a video of paint drying in response to the shocking inhumanity of Lindz's resignation on my own blog (tho' I did a tongue in cheek misquote of old Rosa L....)

Well I did say, am I bovvered...!!

Phil said...

Baboon's shagging? A sense the beginning of a new, fine left blogging tradition suitable for occasions such as these.

Madam Miaow said...

What a champion clusterfuck, Phil. Just when we need a strong left.

Unknown said...

"I was going to write about the implosion of everyone's favourite left cult, the SWP"

Ah I'm glad you left us alone for once :)

Seriously though, there's no implosion yet as far as I can tell

VenerableSage said...

Glad to hear it, Dave ... but there DOES seem to be a major baboon-orgy in progress.

Let's just sit back and watch ... pass the popcorn ...

Madam Miaow said...

Blimey, Dave. Heard the news?
SWP resignations

How has Martin squandered all the good will starting to come your way and handled it so badly?