Thursday 18 February 2010

SWP implosion, Part Deux: And You Will Know Them By The Trail Of Dead

Society breaks down, we're ripped off by banks and government, stomped on by bureacracy, Marx is looking vindicated to more and more of us. And just as we need a strong movement fighting our corner we are left with the clusterfuck that is the SWP and their associates.

Yes, go ahead and join them and their spin-offs. But do watch the promo video first.

More here and here

Cassandra Miaow says I told you so

UPDATE: Splintered Sunrise with possibly the best article on the subject of conscience — or absence of it — in the left. Plus an impassioned case for the exercise of conscience over self-interest from Harpymarx.

Maria at Dolphinarium on top UK Leninist's alleged secret ambition to defect to Daily Sport

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VenerableSage said...

The bald men are fighting over the toothless comb with exponentially increasing ferocity ...

Pass the popcorn ...