Sunday 6 October 2013

Anna's Resonance 104.4FM radio series starts 15th October, 5.30pm

blood of fu manchu

I read some pert, perky and pertinent poetry at last night's pre-The Fu Manchu Complex public debate at the Oval House Theatre.

The main event in the evening, a satire by actor Daniel York who was at the centre of the RSC The Orphan of Zhao controversy, is a satirical view of the yellow peril scare that is going through a revival at the moment.

The diminutive Paul Chan is an inspired bit of casting as Sax Rohmer's Scotland Yard hero, Nayland Smith — surely a star! The whole cast was terrific in this wonderfully witty, boisterous romp and attacked Daniel York's script with gusto, knocking down all the stereotypes and tropes like skittles. A most enjoyable game. If UK Chinese don't see this they'll have missed a treat.

Dan and I have been interviewed for Overwhelming China, a programme examining the origins of the anti-Chinese mania ratcheting up as China heads for superpower status. To be broadcast 11am, Friday 1st November on BBC Radio 4.

I am hosting a short series of Madam Miaow Says on Resonance 104.4FM commencing Tuesday 15th October at 5.30pm for an hour. We launch with "Oh Other: Where Art Thou?" exploring yellowface, the return of blackface and the general backward march of representation for effniks. With Daniel York, Julie Cheung-Inhin and Emily Seu-see Hung, and music from Charles Shaar Murray plus Melody Brown and C Amanda Maud who, together with Dan, make up Wondermare.

Also on the Madam Miaow Says radio wishlist and hopefully to come: Dr Diana Yeh, Aditya Charabortty, Ben Chu and tax expert and all-round good guy, Richard Murphy.

UPDATE:  Ben Chu, Independent newspaper economics editor and author of Chinese Whispers, now added to the launch programme 15th October.

Listen to Madam Miaow Says on air and on the internet at Resonance 104.4FM Tuesdays at 5.30-6.30pm from 15th October.

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